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21st birthday is a lit one! To make it even better we have collected some 21st Birthday Captions. Share these 21st Birthday Instagram Captions.

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21st Birthday Instagram Captions

  1. Cheers to 21 years.
  2. I can think of 21 reasons you should have a good birthday.
  3. It took me 21 years to get this cute.
  4. I can’t keep calm – it’s my golden birthday!
  5. Age is not important unless you are cheese.
  6. The benefits of turning 21 are exciting and endless. I hope you enjoy every single one of them. Wishing you a ridiculously fun 21st birthday!
  7. If you wanna nail your 21st birthday, you gotta get hammered.
  8. You are finally legal. Congrats on your 21st birthday! Enjoy your special celebration.
  9. Drinking may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot.
  10. Wanna see my I.D.?

21st Birthday Captions

  1. At 21 everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly
  2. Twenty-one is a super important milestone birthday event. It means you have less than 80 years to hit 100.
  3. I didn’t get older, I leveled up.
  4. Live your life and forget your age.
  5. Staying sassy on my birthday.
  6. Who said getting old meant looking old?
  7. Start from the bottom now I am 21
  8. Today’s the day I can wear this birthday crown!
  9. You glow, birthday girl.
  10. When the candles cost more than the cake, it’s time to realize you’re getting old.

Funny 21st Birthday Captions

  1. Act my age? Maybe next year.
  2. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.
  3. Gonna party like it’s my birthday…because it is.
  4. Have a birthday party, they said. It will be fun, they said.
  5. Officially old enough to need a skincare routine.
  6. Old enough that I need a filter on this photo.
  7. The only things getting LIT today are the candles on my cake!
  8. Old enough to know better, young enough to not care.
  9. You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.
  10. I’m too young to feel this old.

Best Captions For Birthday

  1. Birthdays are incomplete without the ones who love and care for you.
  2. You are the youngest 20-year-old I know.
  3. You have no excuse to act stupid. You’re not a teenage anymore, and you’re not old enough to drink.
  4. 21 doesn’t feel any difference than 20. LOL.
  5. Hakuna some vodka
  6. They say you stop growing once you’re out of high school, but I just outgrow my fake I.D.
  7. Warning: It’s my 21st birthday
  8. Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.
  9. Hold on to your inner child as you grow older.
  10. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.

Funny 21st bday

  1. Finally legal. Proceed with caution.
  2. A year older, a year bolder.
  3. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to my birthday. I’m accepting gifts all year long.
  4. The unofficial beginning of the rest of your life, 21 is the starting point that will launch you to success. Enjoy this moment!
  5. This is my year of dreams coming true.
  6. Congratulations! Now that you’re 21, you’re off “designated driver” duty. Have a few drinks and enjoy.
  7. Studies show that people who have the most birthdays live the longest.
  8. Felt cute. Might go party all night for my birthday.
  9. Life’s too short to not celebrate every chance you get! Happy Birthday to me!
  10. Finally 21 and legally able to do everything I’ve been doing since 16.

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21st Birthday Quotes For Myself

  1. I’m 21 now but age gives no guarantee on maturity
  2. I can’t help being cute, I was born this way.
  3. Well, guys, it’s official. I’m Old lol
  4. Take risks and be brave. This is the time of your life to make the mistakes you’ll regret later. Have a fantastic 21st birthday.
  5. At 21 you’re old enough to go to Vegas where you can lose all your money trying to hit on 20.
  6. Birthdays are good for me. The more I have, the longer I live.
  7. Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying me.
  8. Happy Birthday to the man who makes my blood pressure rise. Love you always!
  9. Does this filter make me look like a birthday queen?
  10. Only happy thoughts will be entertained today.

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Birthday Captions Instagram

  1. Still wild after all these years.
  2. It’s my birthday week! Yipee!
  3. I am grateful that you are a part of my life. All the best on your birthday!
  4. Studies show that people who have the most birthdays live the longest.
  5. Hugs, kisses and lots of birthday wishes!
  6. It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! Party like it’s your 21st birthday! Have fun.
  7. You look as beautiful as ever on this wonderful occasion. I hope your 21st birthday brings you many amazing memories.
  8. I want to gift you something special on your birthday, so I am gifting you myself.
  9. 21 is the age of responsibility. Give it a few months and you will be wondering why you were in such a hurry to get here.
  10. I want to gift you something special on your birthday, so I am gifting you myself.

21st Birthday Captions for Yourself

  1. On this day was a hottie born.
  2. Happy 21st birthday I wish that nothing and no one take away that smile, which infects everyone around you! Be happy always.
  3. I’m not ever getting older.
  4. Birthdays are just finger posts on the road of getting old.
  5. I learned the meaning of true friendship from you. Happy birthday my friend. Always going to be there for you.
  6. Your birthday is also mine to celebrate. Happy birthday, dear. Let us have fun together today.
  7. 21st birthday is good beer, hot girls, party and police.
  8. Turning my birthday into a lifestyle.
  9. Deal with it, because it’s my birthday!
  10. I’m so awesome, when I was born, I was given a certificate.

Cute Instagram Birthday Captions

  1. Wishing you love and happiness on your birthday.
  2. Gifts are one way of telling that I remember your birthday.
  3. One is never truly free until he/she has turned 21. Happy 21st birthday!
  4. Come on Barbie, let’s go party.
  5. Still, your smile looks sparkling with the few remaining teeth’s that are left. Happy birthday
  6. Hear ye, hear ya, the birthday queen has arrived.
  7. Besides my birthday candles, guess who’s going to be lit tonight?
  8. Every day with you is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments. I love you baby. Happy Birthday!
  9. Another year, another wrinkle.
  10. Congratulations on 21 years of awesomeness… and counting.


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