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Terence Fletcher

  1. Obsession, Destruction and Control – A Film vs. Novel Comparison of Whiplash and The Picture of Dorian Gray
  2. The Visuals of Music: The Effect of Close-Up Interaction and Lighting in Whiplash
  3. The ethics of Terence Fletcher’s abusive teaching style in the film Whiplash
  4. The cardinal work of charity is not by the number that counts, but by…
  5. We’ve got a squeaker today, people. Neiman. 19 years old. Isn’t he cute?
  6. Parker, that is not your boyfriend’s dick. Do not come early.
  7. And here comes Mister Gay Pride of the Upper West Side himself. Unfortunately, this is not a Bette Midler concert, we will not be serving Cosmopolitans and Baked Alaska, so just play faster than you give fucking hand jobs, will you please? One, two, one, two.
  8. Not even fucking close. [to Ryan] Let’s go, with the Irish Mick-fucking-Paddy cracker now. You know, you actually do look quite a bit like a leprechaun. I think I’m gonna start calling you Flannery.
  9. Is that really the fastest you can play, you worthless Hymie fuck? No wonder mommy ran out on you. Get off the fucking kit.
  10. If you deliberately sabotage my band, I will fuck you like a pig.

Whiplash Quotes

  1. Oh, my dear God. Are you one of those single tear people?
  2. You are a worthless pansy-ass who is now weeping and slobbering all over my drum set like a nine year old girl!
  3. Either you’re deliberately out of tune and sabotaging my band, or you don’t know you’re out of tune, which, I’m afraid, is even worse.
  4. For the record, Metz wasn’t out of tune. You were, Erickson, but he didn’t know and that’s bad enough.
  5. Neiman, you earned the part. Alternates, will you clean the blood off my drum set?
  6. The folder is your fucking responsibility, Tanner. Why would you give it to Neiman? Right? You give a calculator to a fucking retard he’s gonna try to turn on a TV with it. Now get your sticks and get your ass on stage.
  7. You think I’m fucking stupid? I know it was you.
  8. Now, are you a rusher, or are you a dragger, or are you gonna be ON MY FUCKING TIME?!
  9. The ulterior motives with which you absorb and assimilate Evil are not your own but those of Evil.
  10. The animal wrests the whip from its master and whips itself in order to become master, not knowing that this is only a fantasy produced by a new knot in the master’s whiplash. Franz Kafka

Whiplash I’M Upset

  1. There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job. J.K. Simmons
  2. The ulterior motives with which you absorb and assimilate Evil are not your own but those of Evil. Franz Kafka
  3. James Brown’s Live at the Apollo is not just a musical whiplash, it’s a spiritual cleansing. You can just close your eyes and see him doing the splits, kicking the mic stand and doing a 360. Ted Nugent
  4. When you are in the eye of the storm, you are often not aware of the whiplash around you. Hugh Bonneville
  5. They go, Cut. And then immediately John goes, Anyways, so Alec, he’s playing the chess. And I’m just going, Holy crap. You get whiplash from those kinds of quick turns! Judd Nelson
  6. When I see a good film, it’s like a whiplash. I run away, in order not to be influenced. Thus, the films I liked most are those I think least about. Michelangelo Antonioni
  7. Instead of just looking back, whiplash-style, I can assume there’s something else coming. Time just folds over itself, like origami.
  8. I’ve always hated Mondays, the whole lot of them. Too much whiplash, snapping the tired masses to attention. God’s way, perhaps, of reminding us that we are not masters of our fate, no matter how deluded we became during the weekend respite.
  9. It was very, very challenging being on this thing called the gimbal. It would throw you around, give you whiplash, and they’d tie you down. Emile Hirsch
  10. Death isn’t enough. It doesn’t remove the stain. But a slap, a whiplash, square on the face, does. Because a man’s face is as sacred as his mother or his wife. Mario Vargas Llosa

There hung about her the restrained energy of a whiplash. Agatha Christie

I stuck my nose between the bindings and smelled all the readings she had given, the smell of unfiltered cigarettes and the espresso machine, beaches and incense and whispered words in the night. I could hear her voice rising from the pages. The cover curled outward like sails.


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